Are you a football player or atlete between 12 and 23 years old? 

Your passion is football and you dream of playing as a professional? 

Nextstars Football Academy Spain offers football players from all over the world the opportunity to train and compete against the best teams in Cádiz, Spain.

Come to El Puerto de Santa María and test your sports skills with our 4 different football programs options:

1, 3, 6 and 10 months.

Improve your soccer skills and discover your full potential.



NEXTSTARS F.C. Under 18s is a youth team for elite level foreign players from around the world born in 2002.

Competing in the Spanish League System, RFAF, we will also organize friendly matches every month against the very best U18s football clubs and pro football academies across the area. 


NEXTSTARS F.C. Under 23s provides the perfect transition from youth football into senior football.

Competing too in the Spanish League System RFAF, players can adapt to the spanish style "tiki taka or first touch" and physical condition whilst also being regularly scouted by professional clubs and player agents across the area.

​Nextstars Football academy´s goal will always be to find the best possible club to all our players.
So, those 2 teams, would be only the short bridge for the next level.

Send us all your info with the APPLICATION FORM including the program you are interested in and we will send you all the details and prices.


We are a professional football academy but we know that academics are a matter of utter importance; hence, we encourage that our players do online courses of their choosing during their free time.

If online schooling isn't an option, we offer a complete school program in a public school for U18 players.

However, the early training sessions will be missed.

For those parents interested in private schooling, we suggest to do it with our partner at Laude Altillo School situated in Jerez de la Frontera, considered one of the best private schools in Spain.

Now at a price of 650€ per month.


If this is an option you are considering, then parents would need to obtain a document translated in Spanish language showing the last studies finished by the players in their countries.
And parents will need to apply for a place in the schools, in the right dates established for every school, with enough time to begin the course, usually first week of September.


Obviously our staff would help with all the process.



Address: Federico Mayo Pl. San Rafael, nº 5

11408 Jerez de la Frontera. Cádiz. España.

Teléfono: +34 956.80.60.89 


IBAN: ES26  2100  8544  6802  0002  6382



During the holiday bank periods there will be no formal training or football matches.

The players still have their accommodation with full board and access to the gym.

Holiday bank periods will be:

Christmas: From Friday 20th December 2020 to Wednesday 8th Jan 2021.

Easter: From Saturday 27th March to Sunday 04th April 2021.

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