El Puerto de Santa María is located in the Northeast of the Cadiz province, on the Guadalete River outlet, in the heart of the Bay of Cadiz, in the South of Andalucía.

According to tourist agents, El Puerto is considered to be the most important coastad city receiving tourists from El Algarve (Portugal) to La Costa del Sol (Málaga). 

The climate characteristics of El Puerto de Santa María are those of the Mediterranean weather, with warm temperatures and a high

sun light hours (almost 3.000 sun light hours per year, the highest in Europe).


Fine sandy beaches with crystal clear water, awarded each year with the Bandera Azul (Blue Flag) granted by the European Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE), marshes, green areas and camping areas with large pine forests and dunes that allow a direct contact with nature and its beauty.

El Puerto de Santa María is classified as a Historical Monumental City and Territory for preferential tourist use, due to the monumental heritage of its city centre, one of the main city attractions.

El Puerto offers a variety of facilities where you can choose from a range of sports such as football, golf, yacht racing, surfing, horse riding, paddle, tennis, etc.

As El Puerto is located on the coast and is surrounded by vineyards and wineries, it has all the necessary elements to develop an important and well considered gastronomy. Cafes, restaurants, fast food, food markets, sweet shops, great variety of fruits and vegetables. El Puerto has it all 


The city invites foreign visitors to join all the festivities given the welcoming character of the people from El Puerto. We must highlight festivities such as: Carnival, Easter, Spring Festivity, Festivity of the Patroness “Virgen de los Milagros”.