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NEXTSTARS  PRO FOOTBALL ACADEMY SPAIN is a professional football academy based in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, in southern Spain, offering young talented footballers from around the world, aged 12-23, a great opportunity to try-out directly with professional and semi-professional football teams in Spain. 

The Academy has a large network of contacts that includes sporting directors, coaches, scouts, ex-footballers and player agents.

The players at our academy receive technical and physical training on a daily basis from experienced coaches and take part in a residential football program.

Spanish teams such as: Atlético de Madrid, Real Betis Balompié, Cádiz C.F., R.C.Deportivo de la Coruña, R.C.Deportivo Español de Barcelona, San Fernando C.D., Algeciras C.F., Marbella F.C., Arcos C.F., Atletico Sanluqueño amongst others.

As well as English teams such as Arsenal FC, Fulham FC, Chelsea FC, Leeds United FC, Cambridge United FC, etc. are some of the clubs that have offered try-outs to our Academy players, revealing the strength of our network.

The Academy is staffed by a group of football professionals that includes coaches, talent scouts and former professional footballers who all have excellent contacts and in-depth knowledge of professional football. 

Our player accommodations and training pitches are unbeatable and situated in the picturesque city of El Puerto de Santa María, which also has great transport connections between Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera through trains and ferry's. The closest biggest city to where we are located would be Seville, which is among one of the biggest and most popular cities in Spain. The closest airport is located in Jerez and it is 30 minutes away.

El Puerto de Santa Maria is considered a great venue for sports as it offers excellent weather all year round. This is why many professional teams stay in and around the city for player tests and preseason training.

​We hope to see and help plenty of players who join our academy on their path to their professional football careers.

We cannot guarantee you a professional football contract, but we can offer all our players a very good chance of achieving a place in a Spanish team this season.

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